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Bali island of the Gods and famous with a thousands temple in Bali , Bali actually small island , but Bali is one of the unique among thousand of island that make the Indonesian archipelago, well known as the island of the Gods.

Bali has distinguish character with its natural beauties, the hospitality of the people and exotic culture, visitors will find the island fascinating in how the island is able to endure the quality of its colorful culture and how the natives keep their harmony with nature. Balinese traditional rituals and practices are still alive, believed animism and dynamism as a testimony of the richness of their spiritual faith Bali is strong cultural with the identity of Bali, taking it’s root from a combination of closely related essential element such as : language , unique culture, religion , community of life , the official language in Bali is Indonesian language but the traditional of Balinese remains the everyday speaking with their local people in Bali . Ceremonies in Bali starting from the date born , the first birthday 210 days afterbirth which is the length of a Balinese year , childhood is treated with respect and gentleness until ten years celebrated with the tooth filing ceremony

Bali has area of more than 5.000 square kms , Bali is tropical island where the soil is so rich and fertile land, it is constantly in green surroundings, most of the Balinese a form of Hinduism which cover 95 % of the whole population the Balinese are closely inspired by their religion which also inspirable with their daily lives , it won’t be difficult for visitors to spot the natives in their religious rituals and ceremonies . There is also a small minority of Moslems, Christians and Buddhist of Chinese and Native of Balinese People (BALI AGA) Bali have a consistently warm climate which is particularly mild in the dry season that makes a perfect land for agriculture. Visitors will find the famous and beautiful terraced rice paddies which are transformed into vast paddies fields. The whole irrigation system , unique , and managed by this association which ensure the fair distribution of water Bali island offers many of beautiful spots and amusing places for visitors around the world, traditional and religious  events and art festivals are held periodically, visitors are welcome to learn about the traditional culture which includes traditional architecture, arts, paintings, music , dance , ceremonies  and spiritual beliefs , the natural surroundings of Bali perfectly complete the beauty of the island ‘ Bali’s beaches and other natural spots have drawn many from around the world to come and feel the magical touch of the island.




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